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Architectural Domes – Modern and traditional Applications

What can church buildings, government structures, luxurious resorts, and splendid casinos all share? These types of structures are often formidable architectural achievements, featuring stunning interiors and dazzling facades. Many also sport GFRP domes and architectural domes built from classical materials. Interior domes and exterior domes are factors which have several applications. Only a few in the traditional plus much more modern purpose of architectural domes are outlined below.

Church buildings

Lots of history’s noticably architectural domes come in church buildings. Orthodox church buildings feature colorful bulbous-created exterior domes, because the interior domes contained in Christian church buildings are often embellished with sacred art. The availability of lightweight GFRP domes and GFRC domes makes constructing and installing these elements in church buildings faster and much easier than formerly.

Band Shells

Unlike other sorts of exterior domes, these will often have one half-sphere shape. Their design enables these exterior domes to reflect appear for that audience, which boosts the listening experience for spectators.


Anyone who gazes to the night sky around the apparent evening will quickly understand that it isn’t flat, but rather looks as being similar to a dome. Most planetariums are created to resemble architectural domes to make certain visitors have a very realistic experience.


Some greenhouses are actually specialized domes known as geodesic domes, that have numerous interconnected triangles. When utilized as greenhouses, they offer a number of advantages. Growing space is maximized since no interior structural supports are crucial, home home windows permit natural warming, and also heat might be stored effectively because of the large functional usable interior space.

Sports Stadiums

These exterior domes are massive structures designed to cover entire stadiums. The main advantage of these exterior domes is that they allow spectators to relish sporting occasions in all sorts of weather.

Retail and Hospitality Locations

GFRC domes and other sorts of architectural domes decorate a couple of from the world’s finest stores, departmental stores, hotels, casinos, and restaurants. Exterior domes enables you to crown roofs and bell towers, and to provide visitors getting a place to possess a view from at any height. Interior domes may be highly ornamented, along with a couple of are made of breathtaking stained or translucent glass. GFRP domes may be finished to resemble gold, copper, and bronze, lending a feeling of elegance to lobbies as well as other indoor areas.

Government Structures

Thanks mainly for the spectacular dome on the U.S. Capitol, architectural domes are often an important architectural feature of presidency structures.

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