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Most Common Signs That Your Home Needs A Hot Water Heater Replacement!

There’s no denying that your home’s water heater is by far one of your most valuable plumbing appliances, which is why it can be such a huge bummer when you come to terms with needing a hot water heater replacement.

The harsh truth is that water heaters are never supposed to last more than 15-20 years at a time, and it becomes inevitable for older homes to require a new water heating system. If you’re currently looking to build a custom home from an existing property, you’ll typically be a lot better off investing in a new water heater anyways!

So below are some common signs that an existing water heater really needs to be replaced:

Fluctuating/Inconsistent Hot Water Temps

It’s always extremely frustrating when you are enjoying a hot shower and then the water temperature drops seemingly out of nowhere. There are also instances in which shower temperatures might drop and then come back, and then maybe even drop again in a harsh cyclical pattern that no one wants while taking a shower!

This is what’s commonly called a “cold water sandwich”, and it’s a red flag that something is up with your water heater. It could be a blockage or clog in your output line, or that you’re experiencing sediment buildup.

But it’s also possible that your water heater is beginning to fail, which means it’s simply time for a new one.

Rising Energy Costs Out of Nowhere

No one likes to see their energy costs rise up out of nowhere, and there are often times when increased energy costs has nothing to do with the economy or inflation and everything to do with your actual household appliances.

If you have an older water heater, it’s likely that it’s eating up your overall energy consumption and making your utilities much more expensive than they ought to be.

Reduced Unit Capacity

If it seems as though your hot water heater is running out of its hot water supply much too quickly while showering or washing dishes, then it’s a sign that your unit is experiencing an issue with its overall capacity.

There might be scenarios in which reduced unit capacity can be repaired, like when it’s caused by sediment buildup, but there are other times when this issue requires a replacement.

What’s often the case is that your unit’s heating element is dying, which usually will necessitate a new unit.

Your Water Heater Unit Is Simply Getting Old

As we mentioned at the top of the page, water heaters simply aren’t meant to last forever. If your unit is around 10-15 years old, then you’re likely going to be better off getting a new unit if your repair costs are relatively high. Although there are some rare instances in which water heaters can last around 20 years, it’s likely that you’re going to experience issues when it starts to reach its teenage years.

Your HVAC specialists will help you better know when it’s simply time to replace your old unit for a newer model.

Slow Dripping Leaks

There are plenty of water heater leaks that are relatively difficult to recognize, but they’re still always devastating. If your water heater is experiencing even the smallest of leaks, it means that you’re likely going to need a new unit.

This is a pretty dangerous issue because it can lead to water damages when left neglected for too long!

Contact Your Local Experts When You Need A Hot Water Heater Replacement!

It’s always a bummer when you need to replace your home’s existing water heater, but the good news is that the latest models are very durable and efficient. It’s likely that you’ll have many questions in mind while narrowing down your best options, which is why you should always put your trust in your local experts when you’re undergoing these replacement plans and installations!

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