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Repairing and Saving Your Asbestos Roof

After many years, asbestos roofs can crack and leak. When this happen, your business operation has to stop and leaks that are not detected can threaten your building’s structural integrity. A simple trickle can eventually take your entire building down. That is why you must address leaks right away, even if you have to deal with the cost of hiring an asbestos roof encapsulation company. Such cost is nothing when you see everything collapsing. Just keep in mind that asbestos is quite harmful and you don’t want to use your DIY skills in matters like this.

Specialist Roof Coatings

This weatherproofing option is quite cost-effective when it comes to anything between emergency roof repairs and long-term refurbishment. The coatings come in liquid form and applied using a spray gun or roller. They can cure your roof by creating a watertight membrane which rejuvenates the roof and seal off the harmful asbestos fibres in the cement. Asbestos encapsulation works great with roofs in homes built before the year 2000. And while you can purchase professional grade products included in asbestos roof repair kits, it is best to call a professional to handle the roof seal and encapsulation job for you.

Hiring Asbestos Roof Contractors

You should be looking for a dedicated team of asbestos roofing contractors who have the experience, special equipment, insurance, and certifications required to fix leaks on your asbestos roof. They should be in this kind of business and job for many years, testing asbestos coating systems and establishing a range of appropriate risk management plans necessary for an effective roof repair. They appreciate the uniqueness of every job when it comes to budget, longevity, colours used and the time of the year. The company should know that coatings are not always the solution and thus provide a range of solutions, from metal over-cladding to insulation to patch repair and more. Don’t choose just any contractor you find. Get references, ask around, and do your homework first.

Save your Roofs

Concrete is the main component of asbestos roof sheets. It has been around for decades and old structures still exist today. Looking after your roof can make them last for a lot of years. Coatings are a perfect solution if your asbestos roofs are leaking and ensure your roof will continue to serve you for many years. Also, working with an expert asbestos roof encapsulation professional can make a difference in the quality of the roof repair job.

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