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Top 5 Tips To Maintain Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerateurs sherbrooke is one of the hardest working appliaces in your house it runs 24×7. Vegetables, fruits, dairy goods, chocolates, juices, water, leftovers, and more can all be safely stored in them. Fruits and milk can spoil if the power source fails or breaks down. Therefore, nobody wants their refrigerator to malfunction in the midst of a scorching summer (or any season for that matter). Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to preserve the refrigerator in excellent shape.

Close the refrigerator door quickly

The fridge loses its ambient temperature if the door is left open for an extended period of time, forcing it to work harder to cool things down again, increasing power use and electricity costs. It helps if you decide what you need from the refrigerators before opening the door so that you can close the door quickly. Make sure the refrigerator door is properly closed when you’re finished putting something away or taking something out.

Check your refrigerator’s seal

Sometimes your door gasket may occasionally deteriorate (become cracked, toughened, or deformed), allowing cold air leaks out even when the door is closed, increasing energy usage.  The gasket wear and tear might develop gradually after a few years or because of poor maintenance. You should periodically inspect the door’s gasket. You can use a coin to check if the gasket is sealing the door properly.

Set the temperature correctly.

Most refrigerators offer a mechanism to adjust the temperature for effective cooling, but it is critical to set and maintain the proper temperature. We recommend you set the refrigerator to 4°C and the freezer to below 0°C (preferably -18°C or -19°C if you are storing meat). If the refrigerator has a scale-based system, use medium or normal settings.

Arrange food in the refrigerator properly

You should cover and store the food in the refrigerator properly. Try to store food items in containers with tight-fitting lids. This helps reduce moisture in the refrigerator and prevents odors from spreading. It is easier to find what you need in the fridge if it is organized properly.

Clean your refrigerator periodically

Cleaning your fridge is an important aspect of maintenance. A disorganized refrigerator not only smells bad but also looks messy. Using a gentle, wet cloth and a moderate cleaning solution, you should clean the fridge’s interior and exterior (or use vinegar). To keep the door gasket in good condition, don’t forget to clean it.


An extended warranty can be useful in these situations because refrigerator problems might occasionally occur even with routine maintenance. For your refrigerator, you can consider purchasing an extended warranty plan to protect yourself from unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs.

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