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One of the things essential for proper insulation of your home, is having attic insulation. Good attic insulation can make the temperature of the house comfortable throughout the year, it also helps you to save on energy costs. Bernardi Building Supplies will fulfil all your attic insulation needs. We are here to help you understand attic insulation.

What is understood by Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation means installing a barrier preventing the energy from exiting the building. When there is proper insulation it allows your home to stay cool during summers and warm during winters. There is a lot more to attic insulation than proper installation. It needs to prevent air leakages, which will help to make the home energy-efficient. Proper insulation can also protect your home from moisture build-up. To ensure the quality of your attic insulation, you should hire professionals from insulation contractors Houston.

Kinds of Attic Insulation

When purchasing attic insulation, you need to keep in mind the thermal resistance or the R-value of the product. Following are some of the different types of attic insulation you can consider.

Fiberglass Insulation

It is a highly recommended type of insulation because it doesn’t give space to the moisture nor does it lose the insulation level with time. The fibreglass insulation can be easily installed. It can cover the areas in the attic that are usually hard to reach. When you opt for this type of insulation you don’t have to worry about corners or framings being inadequately insulated. For you the house to become energy efficient, the insulation needs to be installed properly. Fibreglass is made out of recycled glasses and doesn’t contain chemicals. As it doesn’t settle, it remains highly effective. Bats made of fibreglass can be easily installed and handled. You can install them in various areas around the house. This option is also easier on the pocket.


Cellulose is another type of insulation you can consider. It works efficiently when it has been installed correctly. However, it might need to be removed or replaced when there is water damage.

What are the factors that impact the cost of attic insulation?

Various factors need to be kept in mind. These include the size of the attic and the insulation material of choice. You also need to account for any work that needs to be done before the installation happens. The depth of existing insulation and the scope of installation, also have an impact on the cost.

What happens during the installation?

Before installation begins, the contractors will cover the area with the cloth. This helps to prevent damage when they are walking around the house. After that, they will mark the areas needing new installation. After that, they will acquire the supplies for carrying out insulation. A hose is used for blowing in the new insulation. A truck will be brought in with the blowing machine. If necessary, the experts will also carry out insulation and weather stripping. Before closing the hatch, you will see the complete installation work. The insulation must be installed correctly.

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